Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TUSR - Building Squirrel-Slayer Part Deuce

To put a close on this long-running saga of squirrel rifles and my bad luck with them this season, let's have a look at the finished product of my efforts to replace my busted gear and the steps I used to assemble it.

Here you can see the Bell & Carlson stock I have chosen for this new platform and one of my less-tweaked target actions, barreled with a full .920 match barrel. (This thing weighs like 20 pounds...)

Here's the action stripped to the receiver with a quick test of the new Nikon scope on the base. Also you can see the new TacSol Barrel there, just unpacked and the new extractor and spring set lying with the bolt. The extractor installs are always fun but this one went well and the action reassembled without issue.

Some minor sanding with some really fine grained paper was required to fit the barrel shank to the receiver but the fit is rock stable and the alignment of extractor and extractor notch was very workable with a little light oil and elbow grease...

and the action is assembled and barrelled.

All of this lead up to the finished product... Coming at just under 4 pounds, I am really pleased with the looks of it. It handles quickly and points pretty instinctively. The B&C stock is top notch. The Nikon scope, once mounted and adjusted, is really bright and clear with fast acquisition.

Now all I need to do is find time to get to the range to test it... Of course the wife tells me that being unavailable to play doll house with the little-bit is not an acceptable outcome right now. Not for the sake of the new rifle anyway. I sort of have to agree... Someday I guess.

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