Monday, October 22, 2007

High Noon in Squirrel Alley

Man, what a day. As with these many Mondays past back to the beginning of October, I was supposed to be out there with the sunrise, hunting like a fool for the furry-tailed tree devils. But unlike the last trip and all the thorns I didn't count on and didn't enjoy, and unlike last week with the strep throat and ear infections and pills and the yuck, today I did something I knew was going to work and I knew I would enjoy because I have done it before: Hunting in Squirrel Alley.
There's something to be said for knowing the place you are going. It also helps if it turns into a cathedral of gold and red maple leaves during my favorite month of the year. Shots were plentiful and the new rifle did what I would have hoped for and more. It was a good day. My local friends were even in the mood for squirrel tonight so I didn't have to sneak them in the house to freeze. (Mrs. Hunter hates the 'Wild Meat'...)

I have some more pics snapped along the way today. Things were just right for light and color and I had lots of time between shots to look around and photog, pray, and think. Here are some more I snapped. I am a huge fan of the fall and this time of year.... hence the name.

A nice maple I was seated under for a while today...

The Ancient Bridge Abutment - May favorite, favorite sitting spot
Not too much to ponder on today. It was all good and I am tired from the driving and the 4:45 wake-up so I am wrapping it up. More to come I am sure. Some things were on my mind all day and I will address those here, as soon as I am rested and back to being the other guy I am 6 days weekly. For now, I am off to play Dora and Diego save the dog with the flat tire... or whatever she wants to do. Kids are still just the best part of it all.

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