Saturday, October 6, 2007

On-Call Melancholy Annoyance and the Infinite Satisfaction

Imagine if you will that you're asleep. It's Saturday morning and it is about 5 AM. Some where, in a datacenter full of servers, literally thousands of them, a server that knows your name and where to find you has waited until this moment to run out of disk space. Since it knows who you are and that you must fix it if it calls, it decides to wake you up to come and see its boo boo.... and the fun begins.

Such is the life of systems guys during the week of on-call pager duty. Now I can't complain very loudly about this because as a trade off for my once per 7 week rotation, they let me hunt or work at home nearly as much as I want to or at least as much as they can. (Comp time and Vaca time are the world's finest perks I think.) It's tough to beat it really. Couple that with a really nice check and I think you've got a dream-like gig... at least I do anyway.

Monday is a holiday (10 of those yearly. That's two extra weeks off yearly for those of you who don't abla) and I will be hunting again in the morning... home with the wife and the kiddies in the afternoon. I am really going to enjoy it this trip. Maybe it's the many generations of blue-collar worker conditioning built up inside of me or just the way I am wired... either way it always seems that having a day of fun is more enjoyable after a stretch of long work. It's even better if the work was hard too... twisted I know but it's how I feel most times. If it feels like there is still work to be done, hunting is far less enjoyable.

It seems very odd to want to talk about gratitude for days with 3 hours of sleep and systems that just won't keep the wheels from flying off all the time, but I have to say I am grateful for this gig this time around. I have made it as far up the food chain as I wish to go and have decided to do this work instead. I am a lucky guy to have made my way back down the food chain in one piece. I'll not lose this spot again until I am ready to walk away...

At 12:01 AM Monday my on-call shift ends and you can bet, 4 hours later I will be headed for the happy hunting ground, new rifle in tow, feeling very much like I accomplished something and a bit of recreation is truly in order. See? This is the good stuff... ( Oh yeah... New rifle is sighted in and shoots dreamishly. I'll have a post hunt post on Monday probably with pictures and all...)

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