Sunday, November 25, 2007

About 20 hours to go ....

I got to spend some time yesterday doing last minute scouting around my chosen spot. It's a tricky thing to see what's going on but not disturb anything or spook any of the local critters. Fortunately some good binoculars and a few turns around the roads on the farm showed me what I needed to know. I will have trouble sleeping tonight.

The only downside tomorrow looks to be the weather. 30 hours of rain will begin about 3 tomorrow morning. Tuesday will be better but Monday is going to be wet. No way around it. As a tough-as-hell old guy asked me once, "Some poeple just want to talk about doing a thing and some people just want to do it. Which kind are you?" I know who I try to be... Monday and Tuesday are what I am going to get this year so I am going to do it and try not to waste away any time whining... Cold wet deer huntingkick the crap out a fourth floor cube any day.

The place I am being allowed to hunt for the second time is a really nice hobby farm turned residence. The folks who own it even open their home to me for a couple of days without question. Thanks goodness for good people. I am blessed yet again. I spent some time talking with them about strategy, etc. after my scouting yesterday. While we talked I lost count at 12 deer crossing the back yard. I seriously contemplated sitting on the porch, out of the rain, and scoring my 150 lbs of deer burger in the dry. My final tought was that it was too much like cheating and laided out for them my plans based on weather and projected wind directions. While all about thining their deer, they were pleased that I would never be closer than 100 yds to the house.

I'll get to packing gear after lunch today. I am hopeful to get moving before dark tonight to get there early enough to join into the other tradition of the deer season... the best of three Euchre match. Good people are pretty easy to find but good people who see things in a way complimentary to your own is a lot harder. I wlll be glad for the visiting. Good luck to all if you're out for the season opening tomorrow. Be safe.

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