Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More Hunting Stuff, More Gun Stuff

So go figure, I was out hunting Monday... again. I have a most excellent life right now. I hope it lasts... It was a great day of really great weather with no special philosophical or physical achievements. Just a solid day of quiet in a breezy woods. I snapped some pics but most were not as good as I would have liked. It may be time to invest in a real camera. Anyhow, here are a couple of shots from the trip...

A nearly leafless squirrel alley this time of year but the good news was the rain. It made the approach in all that ground-fall silent as a submarine. I had two shots in very short order. Of course, I missed them...

While moving down this stream I did locate quite by accident a long ago fractured geode with some of its original crystal structure in tact. Being something of a rocker I was all pumped up and missed at least on more shot looking at rocks... Overlapping hobbies... bad for execution I think.

This is a great little pond hidden away back against the base of the hills and the cedar groves near the above stream. Nice place to pause for lunch especially on a less than hot day with the sun out. Nice and warm.

All in all, just a great day I wish I could say I was getting bored with this but I am not. I love this stuff like my wife and breathing. It just must be a part of me. This is my corner of the world to obsess about it.

The dryness this year has been mostly bad. One side effect though has been the small falls in the streams I hunt are mostly dry. It allows a whole different approach to game when you can move down the bed on dry rock.

These little guys mark the jumping off point for picking a path in. Usually nothing Niagara-like going on there but man... nothing at all several times in a row is probably not good. Let's hope the dryness improves.

So to close, just because I love it, I have to drop this pic of my newest creation. I've just finished the first round of stock finishing prior to bedding and I am really pleased. Have a look. It is my finest work to this point. The pic is not that good but like I said, maybe it is time for a new camera. Black Friday has to be good for something... And yes, I drink too much Coke Zero.

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