Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Irrational Love of the Gun Thing and the Yen for Blogging

So, you know how some guys go to tool sales or go to lots to look at cars when the year is ending? You know how that woman you know (wife, best friend, whatever) goes shopping for shoes on sale or how any item, no matter how unrequired, is better and now worth owning at 50 or more percent off? Do ya know? Yeah. I know too. I do this with gun parts and I am bad... Hello, my name is JP. I am a gun junkie. I haven't been rational about these things in 20 or more years... (here you say Hi JP...)

Man it's bad sometimes... Here, to make the point more clear, is a list of stuff I have working right now:
  • So about a month ago I was out trolling the rimfirecentral.com sponsor's sites and discovered that the Whistlepig Gun Barrel Co. had an 18 in, scratch and dent barrel on sale. Holy shizzle! BOUGHT! Then, last week I was out trolling MidwayUSA's site after a request for a review came in my email and wouldn't ya know it... There was a closeout on Fajen unfinished sporter thumbhole stocks for the 10/22 in their grey laminate. Oh no. Another bargain. Well... uh... BUY THAT SUCKER! (It matched the barrel and the black reciever... must have... and oh yeah... I'm not done yet) Now I'm sanding a new stock and buying bedding kits and researching finishes. God knows what I will do with it but I guess converting my last stock 10/22 to something all custom is just the way to finally stop the madness. (Nah, but I will say so anyway)
  • Richard's Microfit Stocks is a company in California that makes gunstocks. They are known for two things: Making great stocks and not delivering them quickly. (8 weeks for standard stuff and much, much longer for the rest...) Chad Ottman Inc is my primary firearms dealer. Chad's a good guy who keeps his eyes open for me when I have a specific request. A while back I was looking for a bolt action 22 WMR. Chad pinged me back to let me know that he had Savage 17 HM2 he could let me have at a great price so I bought it. I, of course, ordered a new stock 5 days later from Richard's. It showed up this week. Oh no... Gun-Building-OCD overdrive.
  • A while back I barrelled a 10/22 action with a Clark Custom Match barrel. Of course no stock I had in house would do so I ordered a different target stock from Richard's for this one. (I ordered this one in May. See what I mean about slooooowwww?) I will need a new trigger and some new optics for this one as well. I mean it is a target rifle after all... Needs to be good. :-)
  • You've all seen my posts about the quest for the ideal config hunting rifle, recorded in previously. (If not, check it out) It's still my favorite implement for the small game bloodsport I engage in from time to time...

Man I just love doing this stuff. In the age of video games and virtual workspaces it is gratifying beyond reason to 'build' things that you take into the field or to the range and experience first hand. Using any tool, device, machine, etc. to which you can ascribe a sense of personalization and personal investment, in my opinion, provides exponential enhancement to the activity being performed. It's why I try to work on my own cars when I am able, why I made my own golf clubs when I was a golfer, why I love to build these rifles, and why (I think) I love to write about this stuff. I enjoy reading the stories and positions of most other hunters / shooters/ etc. It turns out I needed to read about my own too. (and yes, I love me) I seem to have quite a bit of fun... ;-)

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