Sunday, December 9, 2007

Concrete Basement Wall - 2, Carbon Arrows - 0

Happy Bow Day to Me! Happy Bow Day to Me! It's a BOW!! Don't tell Mrs. Hunter but I have, since I last posted, completed my bow setup (with a pile of help from the good men of the Vance's Shooter Supply Archery Pro Shop) and assebmled a makeshift archery range in the basement. It isn't much but 15 yard is 15 yards. I have broken 2 arrows in my first dozen shots. Lots of work to do there. Turns out adjusting bow sights adjust in the exact reverse of rifle sights. I guess I would have known that if I had stopped being all jump-up-and-down happy about finding a bag target to hang... Juvenille. That's the word for me. ;-)

Here it is. (Sorry for the flash photo. The lighting is sh!% today and the others were much worse. Ohio in December... Go figure. It's cloudy.) As bows go it is hardly a Ferrari. This is more like a pickup truck. Either way, it's my first one in 20 years and the first one I have had any luck with quickly. I am going to enjoy this.

I was able to get about a dozen shots off before the fatigue set in. I am really shocked by how much work even a 60# pull can be. Still in all, I am still just happy about this. What a good bit of fortune for me to have brought this together. Unless my skills improve dramtically before the Holidays, I will probably just squirrel out the year and scout. Next year will be year for me. I have some good reading and study materials... I will be ready. Until then I will keep this picture around as a reminder of how much work it takes... Like I said, Concrete Wall - 2, Carbon Arrows - 0.