Saturday, December 15, 2007

Final Hunt of 2007

I think in one of my earlier posts I said hunting in December was almost always a bust. The wife usually just drops the hammer and says "No" and "Too much stuff for the holidays to do" and "Blah blah blah, gripe gripe gripe, no no no, etc." Anyhow, hunting for the calender year 2007 came to and end at about 3 PM today. I wish I could say I was sad to see it end but it is tough to argue with the status and the joy it has brought me. I have to say being up at 3 to arrive by 5:30 is a bit tiring but everything has a price I guess. All in all I spent 20 days in the field doing my thing and they were almost all good. I think it was a year to be thankful for all in all.

On an up note, today was my first ever bow hunt. Now that was fun. I scared up a couple and may have had a shot at one if I were better with the bow. Both were does. I need to put up a stand. Another plus was getting to hunt the parent's place again. (normally restricted to deer gun season only... not so much now that no guns are involved. :-) Found some really nice, scenic places to eat lunch. Check out the pics.

This is a shot from a big plateau up on the south side of their place looking back north. They have such a nice place. Here's another view which is a composite of pictures I took. I think I will enjoy hunting this again in January.

I think I am out until the Christmas madness has passed. Happy holidays to all from the Hunter's Family.

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