Thursday, February 7, 2008

Enough Already...

OK. So the way I count it, right now, today, there are about 206 days until hunting season opens on squirrels again. OK. How about now? Still 206? Damn it! Gah! Make it go faster!

My wife tells me not to get caught in this trap; wishing for time to pass swiftly so I can pray for time to move slowly and enjoyably while I do that which I love most. I know it too. It's just still fresh in my head. Hopefully by month's end, this will be a bit more normal. The wife's knee thing happened yesterday and she is healing up nicely. (Already up and moving around a bit. Tough as hell she is...) Sometime next month is my Birthday and after that is the run-up to the April madness at work. May has memorial day and June is the wife's birthday. Once we are through that there is vaca in July during which I will build a deck.... and then we are to August again. We all know what happens in August.

First we cross the 30 days to season boundry and something happens, regular as a fiber consuming senior citizen... it is prep time for Sept. Trips to the range, Trips to the store, Gear evals, elevated training levels for a fe weeks. It's all good.

And on the last day, the day before the season opens again, we celebrate monkey-birth and throw a part for my girl. Then it is time...

Still 206 days? Well FU&*!! So be it then. Only one thing to do. Time to biuld a new rifle. More on that as I get to it. Happy February. Got to love this month.

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