Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring. and Soon Please...

Spring is on its way here in the Buckeye State. The wife, youngster and I got out for a few loops around the block a couple of days ago and the sunset was just fantastic. Of course, everyone started to feel a cold coming on after our walk but it was worth it. I am tired of being all couped up. Winter needs to be over. By the amount of rain falling I suggest that we might be there. The snow was fun and then not while it lasted but I am ready for the sunscreen and the neck burns and the outdoor exercising

Working at home is really taking its toll on me. The wife is down with the flu and the youngster is just crazy with the wildness without Mommy guiding her day. It takes more than I have to do this for very long. Hats off to all who watch and care for children and houses all day and then try to work to. You are underpaid, whomever you are.

Check out this shot of the kiddo. She is moving so fast the camera won't keep up... and she is sitting down. Take her to a store sometime and try to keep up. No wonder Karen needed new knees.

We are appearently Kentucky fans now. I wonder if she knows Petino is not there anymore... ;-)

It's a good day all in all. It's just dark and rainy, it's on call week, everyone's sick, and I am just frayed. I need a break.

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