Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And.... More Rifle Pictures

You know, I just can't let it go. I am so pleased with the way my 10/22's shot last Friday. I've been in shop, cleaning up the mess, stowing all the parts floating around on the bench, thinking about whatever. I have to say I am feeling satisfied with these two builds. The choices in parts seem to work well and the things, later in the season, I started to wish I had done differently with the squirrel rifle all just came together to make the next one that much nicer.

My gear, all unloaded and ready

Of course, as a result I am going to have to buy another scope like that weaver for Blackie... Yeah, I named them. Just sad I know but it is hard to type the long versions of these out so I started thinking of them in these terms and it just stuck. The older of the two, pictured in the foreground here, has become just Blackie.
The Ruger Girls, posing for a pic

The one in the back there and the newer of the two hasn't really got a name that sticks yet. It is just 'the new one' for right now. I am sure something will stick in my head someday and the name will be forever. For all of the issues I had shooting the scoped rifle hunting the Nikon scope is still very nice. I was able to do some fine shooting with it and the blazers performed as they always seem to. It's a shooter and it'll see at least 50% of the woods time this year.

Blackie and a target with the scope dialed in...

Here's an example of what I am talking about with the Weaver scope. This is with it cranked up to about 2.5x magnification. It's that easy to view with both eyes open. It is really amazing. Target acc testing at the range showed it to be very much faster than the regular 4x Nikon on the other rifle. Just a good choice here. I am anxious to get out and give it a go.

You know, I know I am just biased as hell about this but I like looking at it at the range so much here are a couple more shots just in case you do to.

My one glaring disappointment for the whole project? The thing appears to really dislike subsonic ammo... Remington at least. Man, what a mess. I was glad I had the box of GB's with me. On an up note, after the first 500 rounds were in the books, the new guy really seemed to like the S&K. Just like the girls I guess. If it costs more they like it because they get to see that look on my face. It gives them joy.... ugh.

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