Friday, April 4, 2008

Concept Rifles and Other Ways to Spend Money

So, I've been good. What can I say? I haven't so much as chambered a round since January 31. But now it's April... It's spring. I have to tell you I am itching to get into something. Whenever I see the krokus and daffodils in the flower beds start hopping up, I start to get all happy about the changing weather. Spring is here... A time of birth and shaking off the winter months... and shooting... lots of shooting.

So right now, I have the new hunter-carbine-shootey thing all built and ready for a range day. Wanna see? I already have some pics out here. It's got a Weaver 1 to 3 X 20 mounted on it now. Fantastic scope. Spent a few days getting things lined up and so forth. It's the first shooter I have ever put together that I sight with both eyes open and feel comfortable. Really amazing. I am hopeful once broken in, it shoots like a true squirrely killer. (And maybe punches paper well enough to squelch some of my younger friends' criticisms of the old man and his bifocals... yes, I got bifocals this year. I am fu&*ing old. Accept it...) Here. I'll even post a new pic with scope on it, sitting on the same messy bench with the same bad lighting. ;-)

Here's a sort of decent shot of the sight picture through the scope. I just love this. I wish I had considered this option sooner. (The black thing in the bottom of the view is the barrell. I love this thing...) I would have done this with the other one of these I built after destroying my first ever creation. (See first post ever on this blog. Funny read...)

Sitting here tonight the rusty and sometimes trouble causing wheels of my mind began to turn and I thought, "Hey, let's just build a nice shooter to go with these two and the third one nobody knows about... err... Let's just build one. There's no third. It's just dream... these are not the 10/22's you are looking for."

I've decided to start with the trigger group first. I have never built one and have always just modified the factory one to shoot well enough to hunt tree rats. This time, I will do something original. I will build from component parts using factory stuff where I need to and see what I can make. Who knows? Maybe I will just build trigger groups from now on. One thing is for sure though. Mrs. Hunter will not be pleased by the arrival of two new boxes from MidwayUSA next week. That is for certain. We'll have to show price tags so she feels better about them all (almost) being cheaper parts.

You know, I am thinking about builds and I think this will be my last before I have to sell something. Four of the same rifle configured in different ways just does not cut it in my mind, let alone in the mind of she who must be obeyed. I guess I will be going to gun shows this fall. However until then, game on. My last thought for the day, being of unsound mind and less than robust body, is that the Internet, a credit card, and OCD about building rifles of any kind is just a bad mix. Maybe we need to start some kind of Rifle Builders and Tweaker's Anonymous thing or something. "Hello, my name is Mr. Hunter and I am bat-shit crazy over building things that go bang with lots of moving parts and bullets." Something like that. Maybe she will let me off the couch when I show that kind of progress.... Mean time, I'll provide updates and pics when I have them. Concept Quatro is underway and the committee of voices in my head is in agreement that this is good.

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