Friday, August 1, 2008

The Hiatus, the Ghost, and the 30 day countdown

Today was a good day. For those of you keeping track, we're at 30 days until the opening of the fall festivities. I could not be more excited. To commemorate I decided it was time to finish the last build (see below) and get it to the range for some workups.

I've taken to loosely calling this one the Ghost. I really am pleased with the grey and black motif. I really lucked out finding the black and grey stock. It blended very well with the black to gunmetal grey fade the whistle pig guys put on that barrel.

The particulars are as follows:
  • 18 inch compensated Whistle Pig Barrel
  • Kidd Trigger with straight trigger lever and extended magazine release
  • CPC Bolt w/ Power Custom extractor
  • Bell and Carlson Anschutz Stock, Grey with Black Webbing
  • Volquartsen Extended Scope Base
  • Jack Weigand Rings
  • Bushnell 10 X 40 Elite 3200

It groups pretty well. Only about 300 rounds total are out right now. Aside from the flier here, this was a really solid group. I am anxious to get another 400 to 500 rounds through the tube and see where things are. There's also a good bit of tuning that needs to go into this. I had issues with two case head failures today as well as a serious problem with failures to eject. The good news is that when it works the way it is supposed to, it will produce a really excellent result.

On other notes, I decided to give MRE's for a hunting pack food a try. I ordered one and took it for chow today. Turns out they are damned good. I recommend the ones from Brigade Quartermaster if you are looking to give one a try. It solves the problem for packed food for travel and storage very nicely.

In closing, a reminder about where we are... It's time to pick your spots and collect your gear and start tuning up the hunting machines. Get the rifle out and see if it still shoots. See if you can still shoot it. Have some fun with it. I am going to. It's almost time to go hunting for the elusive and always challenging grey squirrel. Be ready and count it down with me...

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