Tuesday, October 28, 2008

28. Oktober: Zwei Tag Squirrel Hunt - Tag 1

As I think I have put forward before, nothing makes time off feel better than having spent a week prior to it having your cubes mashed over and over again by the on-call pager. Such was my week last week. The good news? I get to comp some time this week and these two days are all about the hunting. In this case, the squirrel kind. I am doubly pleased because I am also able to get the updated TUSR out and tested and maybe, just maybe, score a hit or two. The minor mods to the bolt and trigger group as well as a change in all things optical on this rifle seemed to promise a radical improvement.

The Updated TUSR
As expected it did not disappoint. The first shot went off at about 10 minutes before sunrise this morning and was right on the money. A nice, big gray went down with out a second though at nearly 30 yards. The shot was right on target and, even with el cheapo golden bullet ammo, got it done. I was pleased. Squirrel Alley never fails to produce. (most of the time anyway....)

Leaves and Stream in Squirrel Alley

The secondary part of my day and my reason for going was that I had been advised by those who get to hunt more than I do that I was missing out on some quality squirrel woods and, if I had the legs to hike to it, I could have a third and possibly forth spot to use and keep the rotation really fresh. I figured what the he!!, let's walk.

A Single Pine Cone in Field of Cedars

I will have to say that this time, nobody was fibbing. You know, first trips to places where the land marks are unknown and the distances are guess work can sometimes be a little unnerving. I suppose this would have been as well were it not for my compass and all the amazing things I ran into along the way. Of course, there were freaking squirrels everywhere and walking with the first coat of leaves down it was like walking on a snare drum. Needless to say the number of shots I could have actually made given the speed with which I scared them away today was way down so I took very few... and the wind foiled a couple of those. Sneaky tree critters and their moving freaking trees. Wind is cheating... ;-)

A Downed Oak in Field of Bog Timber

There are some more good pics here. Needless to say I am a little bit sore from the extra miles I put in today but the variety and beauty of the places I saw made it worth it. I was in a stand of timber today as old as any I have ever been in and the canopy was just amazing. The deer sign was everywhere and I think I owe a couple of friends a bottle of something for the tip. Exploration, it seems, = Good. Maybe I should go back when the wind isn't howling all around and I can nab a few of these critters.

Not sure what it is but it makes a nice picture...

The field I was looking for...

The field pictured here was the first destination. Find this and hunt the north west side of it and then on west until the big stuff ends. The turn north and up the ridge... What a day. Can't wait until tomorrow. Day 2 awaits and, with any luck, has a lot more sitting and a bit less moving... JP's legs are getting sorrer by the minute here. Old age sucks.

The Perfect Fall Sky

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