Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1 - Let the Deer Hunting Begin

To call it foolish to get up one morning a week at about 4:30 and drive a couple of hours to sit in the trees and wait for an animal to come by may just be understating the problem. I mean really... sanity is just out the window until Feb 1 now. Last Saturday, the great state of Ohio ushered in Archery season once again. Having spent part of that day (Saturday, 9/27) and the entire next day doing work things for ungrateful people, I was offered a compensatory day to recoup and I chose to hunt.

Like most days hunting I have to say it just beats the crapolla out of the office thing. Although I am excited about the work I am getting to do these days and the attention it garners, I needed a break. It's been a bumpy few months and I wanted to think about something else. I decided bow work was the thing. It turns out, things remain bumpy in bow hunter land as well.

I was late. It was nearly dawn when I arrived and I knew it would be a challenge to get into position and not spook anything. Imagine my joy to see 20 deer, spread across the lane as I pulled in... and every one without exception, run like hell away from where I hunt. Seems I need to work on car stalking a bit or perhaps next time I will just gun it and put the arrow in later... Anyhow, like I figured it would be given the fun on the driveway, no morning deer were had.

Lunchtime came and I decided to regroup. I stopped in the house and had lunch with Dad and decided to shift spots and be back in place by 12:30 or so. Now, I am not a person who tells absolute truth by solunar tables and other hunting things that border on wives tales, but I have to tell you that today it said activity peeks between two and four and it was right on the money. What I didn't count on was being asleep at the bow about that time... Oh my. At ten minutes after two a deer standing, as God is my witness, 6 feet from me snorted so loud I jumped. I had not heard the group coming close and when she caught me scent... oh my again. It scared the matter out of my backside. I jumped, they jumped, we all jumped. Then they ran. I drew and shot, wounding a perfectly good cedar tree and not even getting close to anything running. So it goes I guess. I am becoming a duffer. (well, sh!t)

And then, to add to the enjoyment of the day, just as I was figuring out that I had been asleep and missed the show, it started to rain and the wind and the pleasant but very wet 50 degrees made me shiver. Time to call it a day. On my way I out I scanned for stand tree for next week. God willing, reading a book will keep me awake. If not I may bring along sister Starbucks as well. Either way, no way deer get to sneak up on me again. Shifty bastards... :-)

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