Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Sky and Fall Leaves - Workout for the New Camera

We'll make a return to hunting and shooting at end of next week when my on-call ends and I can get out in the wild again for a while. Until then, I decided to give something else a whirl...

Part of who I am is to never pay for warranties. The wife, on the other hand, buys them all... this time she was right. When our beloved, but aged, Cannon PowerShot took a powder about 18 months ago Karen bought a small Sony sure shot to get through the holidays and it worked well.

About a month ago, while cleaning out a filing cabinet, she asked if I had bought a maintenance agreement for the Cannon because she thought she had found a copy of it. Sure enough, I had. The store declined to fix it and it seems the $400 we had in the Cannon buys a whole lot more today... Anyhow, the new Sony (the second one) has Ziess optics and a 15 times optical zoom and 10 or 12 Mega pixels. It just rules. I don't pretend to know what all the buttons do however I was able get it focused and some pictures taken.
Given that have a look here. The girl and I set forth to capture the clear blue sky, the gorgeous leaves of autumn, and the moon if we could find it. Check it out. Photo quality is definitely improved... :-)

I know... Pink Chucks and not really part of the mission but they were just too cute... I will miss the Monkey's pink shoes when she is too cool for them.

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