Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cold and Grey and Wind and Sleet... Perfect

Most folks don't get my thing for winter. I really do love it. Coincident to that, most of the same folks really don't get the thing I have for rimfire rifles, specifically the Ruger 10/22. To those folks I say here and now, this post is not for you... :-)

So, I finally got tired of the way my highly functional but highly ugly back-up rifle looked. I lucked out and found a new barrel on sale to replace my current target rifle barrel and decided it was time to make some changes. So check it out here... This is my new secondary. I combined elements of this rifle and this rifle to produce what I have here. The trigger assembly is new and full custom built from my bench. The scope is brand new as well. (Check out details here...) I have to say the German #4 reticle is nice. I should have used one of these a while ago.

The black to gun metal gray fade looks at least as nice in the black stock as it did in the gray one and, with the addition of the new trigger, the thing is lethal. Light and fast handling, acquisition is breeze with this one. I know I said that about the last one and to be honest it shot like a champ. It was just so damned ugly... ;-) I'll sell the leftover parts and be done with this (rifle building) for a while.

I always consider it a lucky sign when is snows or ices on my while I am hunting. It has to do, almost entirely, with how much I like it. Today we had a nice north-eastern wind with some sleet here and there. The temp was a balmy 27 (F) at midday. Very much like paradise. Only one thing required to make it better...

I managed to get myself in position to shoot at squirrels four times today. Once I was too slow, twice I just plain missed (not uncommon for me with a new rifle it seems. It takes some time and things sort themselves out. The jury is still out on the cheap scope though...) and lastly, I shot one out and somehow he hit the ground running and never looked back. What a day...

There is something stark and unforgiving in serenity of the winter woods. The warm pre-fall and the colorful and active fall times are great and alive but early winter is something else. The wind through leafless, empty branches makes this lovely but ultimately sad song and when a flock of birds flies near the sound like an isolated wind passing by. I tend to prop myself up on a down tree or against a trunk and just listen for hours. It's very... quieting.

The drive home under cloudy skies is usually pretty dull however before the holidays I find myself saying things like "Man, it looks like it should be Christmas." and then realizing that it's exactly two weeks away. It's my favorite time of year for family things and for hanging around in the city. This always makes me happy and also makes me crave Cafe Mocha. (dunno.... it just does)
Of course, the other thing that happens when I have time sit and think and idle for an hour or two is I start to miss this little person right here. She doesn't really understand what I go do and she runs to see me less and less when I come in the door but she will always hug me if I ask and is usually willing, when things are as cold as they are now, to share a blanket and some popcorn with me and watch a movie. See? Winter is good for now. In 4 months? Who knows. Probably not...

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