Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays to All

I'm afraid there are no new hunting stories to share this week. Given the madness of the season, there may be no additional this year. I would love to say I will get out to hunt again before the year ends but I doubt it.
So instead I've decided instead to share the best thing we've had going for a while; the prep work in the home for the holiday and specifically the Christmas tree and its chief architects.

It's the girl's first year to really get involved and decide that the ornaments are toys and she can climb the tree if she wants and on and on and on... The challenges grow as the squared function of her age.

Of course, so do the good things and this year watching her go to work on the decorations was worth the glue it took to re-assemble things. The Wild Monkey is a sharp little person.

My girls are just the best. The tree was just about all them this year. I packed it in and put it in the base and beyond that.... I took pictures. :-)

Of course photos are easy with things as pretty as the Monkey, her Momma, and the tree they are working on.

So take a second and enjoy the images of the holiday in my home and remember to have a safe and happy holiday week or two and from my family to yours.....

Merry Christmas from the Monkey, the Monkey's Momma, and Me.

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kp said...

our girl is so beautiful. Thanks for making her with me.