Saturday, December 6, 2008

How it goes and how it went...

I have been pretty lucky to have a job in a place that gives so many days off in a year. One of the really key perks of my gig is that my boss encourages us to plan our time off for really critical things (things key to us and non-negotiable) as early as possible and to advise him so that he can accommodate unless things just will not work. Thus far I have never had it 'not work out'. Given who I am, this means I have the deer season in late November / early December scheduled in January. Three days, all guns, all shooting, nothing but deer. This is the plan. Year over year this is what I do.

Sometimes however, nothing works out and especially when planned. Family will always take precedence and this year things (things = the stuff I had to take care of instead of taking care of Mr. Deer) were really close to home. When you feel like you have it all wired and locked in, be aware.... sometimes you do and you won't get what you want anyway. I know it. I just forget it sometimes.

Bottom line is deer season was a one day trip for me yesterday. I wouldn't have missed the stuff going on for all the bullets in the ammo factory but I have to tell you.... one day is a disappointment for gun season. To top that, it was about 5 degrees F yesterday morning. Nothing was moving. I hiked the whole place and nothing. Not even a grunt from the one I dumbassed up and spooked. Nada. Zip. Zero. I managed to stay out until 1300 and I just couldn't talk myself into it anymore.

It was good to come home and see the girls. I miss them when I am gone and bad hunting days just make it worse. On the up-side, a new rifle barrel arrived and I have build work to do and a basement to remodel. I am sure I'll get out for the squirrel devils one or five more times before the season closes. All is not lost, just depressed a bit.

In my mind, deer season always marks the approximate end of what I like to call the 'A' hunting season. Not to cold, still some leaves here and there, nothing in hibernation yet... I love the fall (as the name implies) and the season to this point has been so good. I know it is foolish and more than a little selfish to only dwell on the bad ending. Still, and pardon the golf reference here, it's a lot like shooting even par through 17 and finishing +3. Still a great round, just a bit of a let down.

Ah well, at least I can still hunt and rifle revamping is running full steam this year. I think I have the answers for the right configs and I can finally be done with it... (right. done. sure thing. Viva la Rifle-Tinkering :-)

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