Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Rifles of RFC - The 2nd Annual Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Photo Contest Results

(sorry I am late with this. I had it ready a while ago and didn't get it published. I decided to keep it in chrono order... hence the weird date placement.)

So, if you're a fan of the Ruger 10/22 platform or just about any other rimfire shooter out there then you should be joining and reading the forums at I've been reading them for a while and I find that it contributes more than a little to what I am able to accomplish on my own with my rifle builds. Very worth the time if you have questions or need ideas. Good folks. Good info.

Recently some of the guys on the site and some of the sponsors got together and held the 2nd annual Green Mountain Rifle Barrels photo contest. (I discussed this a while back... lots of fun.) Anyhow, I didn't finish in the money on this time but I am OK with it. These are some great examples of photography and even better examples of what you can do with some effort for the rifles you shoot. So, for your consideration, let's have a look at the winners. Man, some good stuff here.

Chaser's build - 490 points out of a possible 500 and also winner for best background. Dynamite work on the rifle and photo. It won. Nuff said....

Dads_addiction's build - 484 points out of a possible 500. (My personal pic to win it all BTW) Side note: As a part of the contest we were required to submit a target for group size. This one shot .028 at 25 yds. Just lethal, man. Top notch stuff here. 2nd place over all.

Passinby's build - 483 points out of a possible 500. This is one seriously nice looking practice rig. This was another one with stupid-small group sizes on his target. .052 at 25 yards. 3rd place overall.

Que's build - 468 points out of 500. This one won the Best of Show award. One more damned fine looking rifle... and as you might guess, scary accurate. .025 at 25 yds. Just fantastic work on this rifle.

This is me. I am 5th in points at 465. I like it, I built it, my groups were nothing like these other guys. They still fit under a dime though.... for sure good enough for the squirrel thing. I know, I didn't win anything but hey.. it's my website.

Rigrat's build - 464 points out of a possible 500. This one won for most original and I have to say I would love to have seen how that bird got coaxed into that pose. I do very much like this rifle.

If you like what you see you should go check out the forums there on the site. The other 18 entries in this contest are there as well as literally thousands of others.
If it isn't clear, I have really begun to enjoy being involved there, even just the little bit I am. Also, I am feeling like I need to get the rifle ready for next year's shoot and have a plan for where to go take the pics. Yes, I am already thinking about it and yes, I am that competitive.... ;-)

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