Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Squirrels in the Snow

Everyone needs to spend time in the woods at Sunrise in January. Dressed properly to stay warm and keep the noise down there is this amazing silence that settles in right about sun-up. If you can wait it out you can see wonderful things... and if you are really lucky, it will snow on you.

I love hunting in the snow. Monday this week was just about the perfect day out for me. From before sunrise until about 9 AM it just snowed a light, steady blanket of white and I, being me, sat in it and watched. Then it started coming and going and things started moving around and being alive again.

The is an elegance and grace inherent to deer on the move. In a snowy setting with winds blowing and the occasional snow shower, watching them appear from between the trees, move cautiously in and out of view, and drift back into the snow haze is something other-worldly.

We could talk about the shots I took and the ones I left with and the ones I left in the woods but that would make it seem like every other day out hunting for me. In many ways it was but in the last five seasons hunting in southern Ohio I have only manged three days like this one.

I am hoping to get back out two more times this season. There is a forecast of more snow next Monday. I've got some hope about there being a two-fer in hunting days. It would be a first. Either way, I find that I am grateful just to get out. I am sad because the season end is coming but I am tired and I think it may be time to rest a while.

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