Saturday, March 21, 2009

Das Messer-Projekt des Uber Jägers - Phase 3: Handle Count, Up 1

So, my wife and my girl decided to take a trip yesterday and while I miss them, it did give me a chance to finally get the ironwood on the band saw and get the handles roughed in and attached. Here's the result. (No WIP picture for this part. Given some family history around saws, cutting things, and um.... cutting digits off I chose to focus completely on this part. Sorry...)

The scales need a good deal more work in terms of finish shaping and smoothing. I will probably get to that today. I need some 200 grit and about 2 hours. I am kind of sad though. The first knife is nearly done and in the books. One more life experience... one more day.

Of course, it would be foolish to believe that I don't have a notebook full of ideas for what the next 10 of these will look like. This was fun. I seriously encourage anyone to try this if it sounds interesting to you at all. Nothing like hold a bit of your own work and design in your hand.....

Last update on this one... I had some time after I posted the first bit here and just decided to make it happen. So, me the file and the sandpaper countoured and finsl fitted and finished. Presto chango, it's a knife..

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