Sunday, April 26, 2009

Third Time's a Charm

I did it, I did it... wooo hooo I did it! I finally got a knife to turn out the way I wanted. (for the most part anyway...) Check it out. It's my new squirrel knife.

She's made out of 3/32" O1 tools steel with a blade about 3 inches long and handle of about 4 1/2. The handle is Birdseye maple and the spacer is black vulcanized stuff...

It's got some brass pins (1/8") and a thong tube (1/4") and generally.... I like it. How cool is this? I made the knife I get to carry when I hunt next season. Oh man... I am stoked now.

I've been at it with the Lanskey for a while getting things sharpened up. The tip is really pointed well and the base of the blade is so sharp you can get cut just looking at it... Still some work to do though.

I am going to take a break from the knife thing for a week or so. I am planning to do the rifle range thing on Friday and I have a rifle config or two to finalize. It's hard to imagine we are only about 4 months from the start of season. Given history, that means only about 4 trips to the range are left before I begin the pursuit of tree rats once again.... I am loving this stuff...

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