Saturday, September 19, 2009

Canadian Belt Knife WIP Post #1 - My Take on a classic

Writing is therapeutic sometimes. Just yesterday I was writing about my itch to do a double knife set around a Nessmuk and Canadian Belt Knife style thing. Last night I decided to go at it a bit differently. Check out the sketch...
That, my friends is a knife large enough to be a bushcrafter made in the pattern of the Canadian Belt Knife... only bigger. It took me the better part of the night last night to get the bits down on paper the way I wanted and then, the transition to the steel was less fun than say... dental work. This thing has more curves than a 40's era Cadillac. I finally had to cut it out and trace around it. (NOTE: Just in case it is not painfully obvious I will state it for the record. I am straight up, no questions asked, using someone else's concept for this. I translated it to a 9 1/2" knife with finger grooves. Not really mine so much as my take on it. )

I spent most of the day looking after the daughter while the wife slept off the last of whatever cold is eating away at her right now but once we got through dinner, it was game on. I grabbed the bit of 3/32 O-1 I had the pattern scrawled on and headed for the bench. After about an hour and a half of grinding, checking, shaping, grinding, cooling, grinding, cursing, grinding some more, and finally running the edge with the belt sander I had what I was after more or less.

The picture is crappy. The tray on the belt sander hides the contours of the handle... bad idea. Anyhow I've decided to use the amboyna there and it's matching sibling for scales. 6 or 8, 1/16th " pins and a thong hole and I think we'll be there. Maybe mosaic pin, maybe not... the jury is out. Now I need a smaller knife to go with it and I may (just may) try to get a hamon on this one. Lots of work yet. We'll see where we get to.

Next up: The Grind. What kind and how to do it....

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