Monday, September 21, 2009

Canadian Belt Knife WIP Post #2 - Grinding Disaster and the Process Retooling

So I blew it today... Big time. The grind on that belt knife wet right in the toilet. In less than 10 minutes I converted it from a great blank to the next member of my scrap pile. It's just so frustrating. Sometimes I can hit it right on, sometimes it's just crap. Today it was numero dos.

While I have this crazy respect for the guys who grind on the big power grinders and produce these broad, sweeping hollow grinds on blades, I am just not one of those guys. I am looking to make some really neatly done, scandi ground full tang knives. So today I made the call. I roughed out a really quick and dirty blade on the bench, dressed the edge up and bolted it into a vice. I took my double cut flat file and started beveling the edge. It just worked. I began to see why those guys who tell me they are looking for perfection (DWW you know who you are) use this method most of the time.

So, the rest of the day was about setting up a file beveling jig to use for making the knives I want. I am about half way done. I'll show pics when it's completed. I have a shopping list for Lowe's tomorrow. We'll see where we get. It's nice to be getting some time back to myself even if only for a day. We'll see where we get to. Hopefully I'll even get to grind another blank to test the jig... :o)

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