Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting My Grind On... Canadian Style

So it was a good day. I got the profiling all done up on the belt knife today and decided to put a real dent in the grind. It's coming along very well. Here's a pic with bevel in full swing and the original design. I am thinking the handle is still a bit on the heavy side. I'll thin it up some more.

This one is coming together well. For a prototype, I am very happy. Here's the blade tied into the jig. Just taking a brake from the filing. It's all good with this.

I've got a friend who is just knocking the door down to see what's up with heat treating steel and want to do this one on Friday night. I'm not going to make it but I will still try. Might be fun to get one done, first try and on time.... ;-) More as I get to it.

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