Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let's Make Something with it but what to make.... I know! Belt Knife!

There's this thing I do that is not at all healthy where I tend to get things stuck in my head and never let them go until I have worked them out and then I never come back to them. Golf, for example, was like this for me. Now it seems a particular knife, made a particular way has happened into that zone... gonna be a long fall and winter I think.

Anyhow, if you'll recall from previous posts I built this jig because I was tired of loosing hours of profile work in seconds on the grinder beveling an edge that I could do other ways but wanted to do the grinder way. I destroyed the last belt knife I profiled in about 3 minutes. After that, no more grinders for beveling for me.

This week, post jig build, I decided to use a bit of bar stock and test my results with the new setup / practice with it a bit and see how it went. Thus far, the results are very nice indeed. Here's the mock up bush blade hanging out the vice with the guide and file engaged. Make not mistake, this is slow going but I have to tell you the speed with which things go wrong makes it worth it in my book. I was able to see the beginnings of and correct for each of the inconsistencies I found common in file beveling.... and the blade it still viable. Too cool....

So tonight, after I finished goofing about and trying things on the test blade, what did I do? I pulled another nine inches of 1 1/2" O-1 down and drew out the new pattern for the belt knife. I wonder what I will do tomorrow... ;-)

I am looking forward to this taking a while and being much more... soulful. I will definitely be in this one when it is done. I can't wait. There's a belt knife WIP- Redux thread coming tomorrow and I need some sleep. Cheers until we meet again.

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