Friday, September 18, 2009

Opening Day

Welcome to my knife blog. I know some of you are looking at this and saying, "Hmmm? Uh, where's the other stuff?" but the truth is I was going at it all wrong. I've decided what I want to do with this instead is document, more for me than for anyone else, the progression through my learning about this process.

Along the way we can also discuss the folks I have encountered, in person or otherwise, that I find interesting for one reason or another and the work that they do. To date there are a bunch.

So it seems like the place to start here is at the beginning. To see this all from the start you probably need to go here. That's a link to my other site where I talk about guns and hunting a lot and more recently, the knife making I have done / am doing. I've decided to split those topics up. With any luck maybe it will be more interesting.

So currently, on the bench, I have three projects. Have a look here... (It's a poorly lighted picture I know but hey... It shows them )

The one out in front is my current, favorite project. It's a Christmas present for a friend. The profile is a combination of things I have seen / made and liked a lot. The handle is a bit thicker than anything I have made but as a whole, she's a beaut. I am thinking I will add some file work to it and finish the sanding soon. I have all of the parts for it (for a change) and should be able to knock it out. Sheath making for it will be fun because it will be easy to hold in the leather. The big holes are 3/8" to accommodate the mosaic pin I bought for it. I'll show close ups when I am done. The scale color is called copper. It's a patina green and really nice looking I think.

The one leaning on the belt is ready to go to heat treat with just a bit more sanding. I have the remaining parts on order and the scales are black ash burl. It will be very fun to make. It's for a difficult customer who had a problem with the steel in his blade I made for him and would not return the knife so I could remake it. I had to rough it out free hand from a pattern and I will send it when I am done. You know who you are.... ;-)

The last one there, and the hard one to see, is an itty bitty wharnclife I just started today. It needs a lot of work and I am not sure I like it anyway. We'll see as it progresses. It's a back burner thing for me.

As far as upcoming projects go I really only have one in mind. I want to make a two knife set with a double holster. I will pattern the small one around the style of the Canadian Belt Knife. The other will be something of a full sized Nessmuk bushcrafter. I am working on sketches now, but they are all ugly. Malformed ideas and so on. I'll have more on this down the line. Anyhow, here's to a new start. Let's see where we end up.

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