Saturday, October 3, 2009

Belt Knife WIP #2 - Finishing and Heat Treating Day

I have got to get something else to do. This is a serious issue for me. It's about 10 till 2 and I am just wrapping up a day of working on this knife. I figured since I had the day off and it was raining, why not. Anyhow, the grind is completed. I spent a fair amount of time sanding and de-scratching blade flats to day. Also put on some file work. Not sure how it will look in the end so no pics yet... Here are then, all ready to start normalizing.

No normalizing issues and so I paused for dinner. A friend came over and we talked knives and knife making for a while. He's all interested. It was darned fun, like watching a kid in the candy store. He was all excited by the double can forge spewing blue flames. When the fire brick got pink, he got even happier.

I paused a couple times during the actual run-up to hardening to check the blade. Dude was ecstatic about the mid to light orange color it was turning in the heat. That is just hard as heck to photo. Here's the blade all hotted up in the forge.

Quenching went without issue and the blade cooled nicely. I took it down to the bench to sand...

and it came clean quite nicely. My only fear at this point is always dropping the blade so I move to the oven and got tempering moving. My shop oven is on the fritz so I had to use the kitchen over. Mama will be happy about that. Nothings says lovin like that burned oil smell....

Here we are coming out of the over about 10 minutes ago, all nice and straw colored. I am digging it but now I am going to bed. What a great day.

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