Saturday, October 24, 2009

Catching up the Nessmuk and on to the Heat Treating.

I am so far behind on everything these days. I've finished the grind on the Nessmuk. The original buyer backed out on me so I guess I get to finish is as I see fit. :-)

I am waffling between some Dymondwood I have that will be tough as nails and I like pretty well or going with some of the spaulted maple burl I have stabilized. Either way, 1/8" brass pins, 1/4" thong tube, mosaic pin this time. Red epoxy, red liners. Should be gorgeous.

I hardened it twice trying to get it down to where it needs to be. The toaster over is on the fritz and won't hold 400 any more. It wants to hang out at 450. Had to switch back into the house. Mrs is very happy about that.

Just wanted to get it documented. I have three working right now and I'll post the others when I get them further along.

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