Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting my grip on... Buckeye Style

Well, I decided given the perfect weather and nice day with my girl to spend my day letting her play around in the front yard while I glued bits of wood to my belt knife... ;-) I ruined a set of black ash scales yesterday and decided, in keeping with the spirit of this project, to try a different way to make the things fit. I had this old set of buckeye burl scales I had ordered on eBay and gotten ripped off over and I figured these would be good candidates.

The initial fit went without incident on the second set. I drilled them singularly and then pinned them to drill the thong tube and all seems in order with the world after that. I mixed epoxy and got some clamps and went to it. 3 hours later, everything was set up enough to begin profile sanding. Again, completed with out incident and contouring began.

It escapes me how we ever got along without drum sanders. I just love setting my drill press up to hyper-spinning speed and watching the thing work square shapes into not square shapes. Does my heart good. I have all but the final sanding of the contours done. Only 9 or so hours later... I don't wonder where my days go anymore...

The file work is looking very nice and I think I will be pleased with it just the way it is. I am really pleased with this project so far. I will probably give it as a gift this holiday season but until then, I'll pack it around a bit and see what it's good at. The next one may be something special.

Signing off now, before I get divorced over this silliness. Take care...

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