Saturday, October 10, 2009

A nice day out, seldom as they are anymore....

Holiday weekends are a real plus in my book. The seem to provide the sense that extra time makes it OK to take an additional vacation day and make a long weekend, longer. I got lucky this week and did just that. What else is there to do with extra days besides go hunting? :-)

I am pretty lucky, as I think I have said before, to have family that owns a few acres still covered in woods. I figured with deer season approaching and this being what I think will be last day out until after the Turkey day, I would squirrel a bit and scout for deer.

I got a couple a squirrels pretty early and after cleaning them decided I had done enough for the cause of feeding the world with tree rats and decided to just have a look around. Recently, I have started reading quite a bit over on the site and wanted to have a go at a few things I have seen there. It turns out, playing with fire is fun. I took some steel wool and cotton balls coated in Vaseline and made myself a fire. I wish I had taken a tea bag or two. Would have been fun. Live and learn I guess.

Along the way, I bumped into Mr Turtle here. I hear they make good soup but I was just not in the mood to clean any more game so I decided to MRE it up instead. Mr Turtle gets a pass until next time.One of my favorite parts of hunting here is getting up on the hill and looking out over the cedars into the valley. There's a deer track there and the view is just spectacular in the fall. I wish I were going to get out more but work is calling and sometimes being a grown-up sucks. There's always December I guess. More on that later. :-)

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