Sunday, November 29, 2009

Drilling, Heat Treating, Scale Fitting, and Sanding

You know, one nice thing about doing a knife that is designed to be dirt simple and fairly traditional is that it goes by the numbers. This one is the first 'normal' one in a while and I am pleased with how it is coming together.

I decided to go with 16th inch pin stock to pin the scales. As is pretty common on my knives, it's also got a 1/4 inch lanyard tube. We had to make a trip yesterday so I took it along and tempered it up while the girl played like a wild person, descended of monkeys...

Ah... light straw. The color that says 59/60 HRC. We likey. I agonized over the scales for this thing for ever it seems. I finally decided that the rosewood was just too pretty, and honestly too cheap, not to use on this. So last night I cut them out and fitted them up. Epoxy doesn't mix well in the cold so I brought it all in and glued it up in a vice overnight.
While the girl was still snoozing this AM, I fired up the sanders and got things all roughed out and detail fitted. Next up is contour work and Danish oil... Hopefully I can ply her with an hour of two of Spoongebob today and get the shapes sorted out and sanded.

Next up... dust and stickness. :-)

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