Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Light Kit - Field Trial #1

Well gang, here it is. I was out and about today for the first time what seems an eternity and I was rigging for squirrels. I spent a few days working out the things I was sure I would need for 7 or 8 hours out plus the usual FUBAR bag stuff and came up with this.

From left to right, top to bottom there we have:
  • My musette bag. Handiest thing I have used in a while. I need to mod the shoulder strap a bit and she'll be set.
  • On top of it there is the FUBAR bag. Inside are the compass, emrg blanket, spare fire thing, my headlamp / beacon, all my first aid gear. The bag itself is a zippy cabelas thing that works very well.
  • My Gerber sliding saw. Fantastic for making tree branches not poke you in the back...
  • The skinner I bought from Lance Okendon. (click here to see it) Great knife.
  • Gerber Multitool. Also great gear thing.
  • My $10 walmart poncho that has lasted 4 hunting seasons now.
  • 25' of 550 paracord
  • Camera
  • GPS - Garmin eTrex. Don't leave home with out one...
  • My Altoids tinder box. (today populated with the sure thing... cotton in Vaseline :-)
  • 100 rounds of Aguila 38 grain hollow point subsonic ammo
  • My Ruger Mk III target which is also hell on squirrels...
  • Spare mag
  • My German canteen & cup combo thing I got for $2.
  • A sling I bought on that I am still playing with. Today I threw a rock and didn't hit myself in the junk. It was a good day... :-)

Mostly I packed it up to see how it would carry and how it would do in the serious cedar thickets on the farm. All was well as far as I can see. No gear lost, damaged or otherwise abused. In addition, not noisy at all which is a plus for hunting.

On the upside, got to use the fire gear when I discovered that some of the lame neighbors has set up a deer blind on the folks place. Pretty funny how fast canvas will take a fire once you hit some good tinder with a spark.

About the only thing I need to add going forward is the MRE I forgot to pack. What you don't see in the pick is the Tim Horton's bagel I stopped and grabbed for lunch on the way out this morning. I was munching while shooting pics. It really gets no better than this.

When deer season kicks off for me finally ( I know the rest of the state has been at it for 6 weeks already) I know how I am packing. Replace the Mk III with a Thompson Encore I am set. I did scout 'The Spot' today as well. Assuming I make it, I may actually get another one this year.

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