Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Draws Down

Well, the prospect of a new year looms ahead of us while the definite crushing that was 2009 is almost over. I wish I could say it was a year of unparalleled successes in all regard however, that would... overly optimistic. There are so many work things that just sapped the life out of the year this year and I really can't talk about them in any detail here. Probably wouldn't anyway. They suck. Let's talk about 2010 and see what we can see with that.

Being who I am, I tend to face the new beginning thing as a chance to make a plan for how to best optimise my use of the available resource. I tend to ramble aimlessly if I don't. For the coming year I want to get the broad strokes down, by month....

Jan. - Squirrel and deer are still in season this month. I am going to get out and hunt my backside off (4 to 6 times) and probably all for squirrel. As an overlay to that I have been wanting to do a bit of geocaching and endurance testing. I am going to place a couple of those as well, just to see how they do.

Feb - Squirrel is clear out and Deer goes in the first week this month. Hunting season draws down. I expect it to be unpleasantly cold for the first couple of weeks here. We'll get out sometime in the second half to have the first of 4 or 5 bushcraft days I will have until Sept rolls back around. We'll think of the skills to work here but I am going to go out on a limb and say fire and shelter will be the big ones. Primarily I will be scouting a place to set up a camp site, preset for my getaways when I need them.

March - I'll get out for sure again in March. I am going to institute a tradition of observing my own birthday as a holiday and I'll find something to do. I'll probably start building camp site 1 and see if I can knock it out.

April through June - All questionable here. Ish is do to arrive and I doubt Mrs. Hunter will ever let me out this close to D day.

July - I may only get one day in this month and I will make it a full range day. I miss shooting...

Aug - Bush day and prep.

Sept through Dec - Well, we know what happens here don't we.... ;-)

I am sure the later months will firm up as the year passes. There about a thousand other things I am not going to detail here that will go into making 2010 better. It should be a good year and I am looking forward to it. Cheers, one and all.

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