Sunday, December 13, 2009

Camp Knife - The second of the Two knife set

So, the itch has taken me once again and while things around the house are still crazy I am starting to get a bit more time to work on these knife things again. I have five blades I need to get to done now but I am sadly, distracted. Check this one out.

I have recently discovered that I have a thing for Scagel knives. Specifically, I love the lines. Combine that with my love of the Nessmuk form and you get something like you see below here...

Here it is on the steel, wating to be profiled

After doing quite a bit of reading I decided to go with A2 for this blade. It's tougher than O1 steel according to Crucible and has equivalent or better wear ratings. Seems like a not brainer. I am going to get it ready and ship it to Paul Bos after new years. Should be a dandy when I am done....

Here it is profiled out. That's a Turley Knives Big Piney model next to it for comparison there. It's a big one. 11 inches OAL, almost 2 inches thick in the widest part of the blade. This should handle most camp jobs well.
The grind is full convex again. I did the blending after the initial grind a little bit different this time and used a disk sander to smooth things out because my grinder running slack belt is just not that good. The disk appears to have worked like a dream. Here it is all ground out and on the bench in the basement for sanding. The lights are horrid so please forgive the pic.

I've located some dynamite walnut with gallery hardwoods and Larry is cutting it out for me this week. Things will slow down into the holidays at this point. I owe a BCUSA forum member a knife that I will start this evening and then I owe 3 to RFC member I hope to dig in to later in the week. Busy busy busy.... Later.

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