Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Christmas Rush

So, you know those things you like to do that your friends don't do but like it when you do for them? I have one of those things, requested on a Christmas rocket. :-) It seems my good friend, let's call him Mr. T, and I never got together to talk about a Christmas present he needed made and he, also, did not go anther way for the recipient... Now, imagine my surprise when I get a wife to wife directive via my wife, from Mrs. T, to get Mr T on the phone and make it happen.... even if it will be late.

So I am laughing a lot as I type this because:

1.Now... I have an excuse to go to the shop and make the sparks and the dust on a day when I usually get bored about 2 in the afternoon. (Woohoo!)

2. I do this sort of thing all the time with other stuff so I know how it goes.

Check out the pic above there. I had this blade ground and on the bench and had just not done anything with it. Turns out, Mr T's intended gift recipient likes to hunt. Bingo! I spent about an hour sanding up to 400 on the flats and the bevel and daaaannng.... nice blade. Seems I got one right and should have made this one up a while ago. Mr T chose to pair it with the coolest spaulted maple scales I have ever seen and one of the 3/8 mosaic lanyard tubes I had in the shop and this is going to be a dandy. I'll be sad to see it go but glad it will get used well.

So for now, off to get wide (er) on the holiday cooking. I'll be fitting scales in about 36 hours. Merry Christmas Mr T., Mrs. T, and Mrs.T's Dad.... I'll have her shaving your arms before new years....

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