Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kit Revision - Necker Addition

So, part of the idea I had for this kit was the addition of a knife I could attach to the bag or wear as a neck knife. The knife itself is covered over here. Even though it worked out well, the sheath still remained. This past week I had some time and got it done. While it's not much to look at, it works very well. Check it out. Here it is attahced my bush rig. The 550 cord is supposed to be a set of D rings but I couldn't find the size I wanted... so I tied it up. It still works.

Here it is with a long bit of 550 attached to go around my neck. This seems to work very well if I am out just moving around with no kit. I need to get some time out with them both and I'll decide if the execution is all I thought the idea could be... ;-D

Thanks for looking.

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