Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Camp Knife - Knife Complete

Well, after much preparation and hype the camper is finally done. It turned out pretty well I think.
The walnut from is top notch and the A2 with the heat treatment and cryo from Peters' seems to be the best knife money I have spent in a while. Never going back to O1.... ;-)

I even managed to get my face etched into it...

The blue liners were really nice I thought. They stand out but only to compliment to wood. The mosaic tube from Gene Martin is top flight as well. Worth all $5 per inch.

Going to Rising Sun, IN this weekend to work with a good friend and the proprietor of JAAT knives (see the link here at the right) on developing a better sheath technique and this one will be one of the test subjects. I am pleased with it.

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