Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Rush / New Year's Dust

So, one of the effects of working all the time is I forget to update customers and sometimes things just roll right along and nobody knows but me. Take Mr T's knife for example. Now, I lost a few days in there to holiday and work related madness but still I could have provided better updates. So here's the Christmas knife, still in the mostly rough form for viewing. I normally don't post them like this because someone might get the idea I was done with it... but not this time. This is still really rough so please no judgements beyond shape and contour at this point...

At this stage, the scales have been cut, attached to black spacers, attached to the blade, profiled (meaning sanded to the shape of the blade looking at it from the side), and I have the rough shaping completed. It looks and feels like a knife at this point. The remaining work is cosmetic and the part that makes a good knife a great one.

Of particular interest to me on this blade is the maple used for the scales themselves. This is arguable the best looking bit of wood I have ever used. The Provision Forge mosaic lanyard tubes just really add a nice touch. Could we have made this much less fancy? You bet. Would it have stood out, not at all. There are about 3 more hours of sanding to go with this and the handles will darken a bit as I move up in grit. The curly figure behind the spault line is really going to pop before I am done with it...

This is my favorite knife to date. I am pleased with it and will have it complete by Sunday evening. Next comes the sheath and Mr T will need to call me about that when he gets a second. I need to know a color.... :-) Thanks as always for looking.

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