Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hunt #1, 2010 - A Cold day on New Ground

With the holidays behind me, knife orders under control, and life in general going pretty well I decided it was time to get out for a day. It feels like it's been forever and I was anxious to try at least on of the new spots I had picked during the month running up to squirrels this year.

On advantage to hunting Tranquility regularly is that there are literally 100's of places that are easy to get to... especially on days when it is so cold that it hurts to have skin in the wind. Tuesday was like that.

The wind was howling up on the field I parked in and snow was everywhere. There was a lot of blowing up in the exposed areas and driving was really, really dicey. My normal 90 minute ride was 3 hours... still worth it though.

It was also the first trip into the field for the heavy hunter rifle. While it's pretty darned heavy, it still handles like a champ even in gloves and full winter gear. Based on the two shots I fired, it hits right where it should.

The place was frozen. Nothing was moving. I was reminded that squirrels have brains the size of kidney beans and knew to say in this day. Why didn't I? ;-)

Anyhow, it was a strikeout. No squirrels... and not just no squirrels that I could see. No tracks, no noise, no nothing. I was the only thing working in the outdoors this day. One thing about it though. I love the snow and things take on this whole other quality when it's falling. Have as look and take care.

This field leads back to the car. As soon as I walked into it, my face chapped. I was so glad to see my car and roll for hom. Excellent day, all around.

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