Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scagel: The Man and His Knives by Harry McEvoy

I've looked high and low for books about William Scagel. Thus far, this one is all I have found... and it's out of print. Fortunately for me, I found a new one anyway. I need to make a note about this upfront because I usually don't discuss the cost of a book but here goes; This is an excellent reference on Scagel however at 24 pages it sorted out at just over a dollar a page for me. Unless you really want to read it, I would advise against buying it.
On the upside this book is concise, well written, and provides photographic reference to Bo Randall's collection of Scagel knives. The details of the life of the man are interesting and almost no attention is paid to the process of creation itself as few to no people seem to know it. To just jump straight in then:
  • Readability - 5 of 5 - McEvoy does a fine job of covering the life and work of Scagel. In the 15 minutes it took me to read it, I was not bored.
  • Editing - 4 of 5 - Top notch. Production values could be higher but the book is really a long article. It's pretty good, none the less.
  • Subject Matter - 5 of 5 - Scagel and knives... what's to say?
  • Did I like the Story - 3 of 5 - I loved it but there could have been a whole lot more of it. It seems there may never be though. It's old and I think everyone involved has passed on.

If you are looking for a consolidated, if abbreviated, reference on Scagel this is probably a good place to start. To be fair, what I find after reading this is that I have a stronger desire to do more research. Still a good read though.

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