Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Really Old Back

Well, I'd like to have posted a few more stories about hunting for squirrels or getting out for a bow hunt before the seasons all closed up. It was not meant to be it seems.

In my last post I talked about what turned out to be my last hunt of 09-10. I pinched a nerve about a week before I went out to hunt that day and the throbbing ball of muscle in my right buttcheek turned into a pain train I never care to ride again. I'm still taking a few meds for things and I spend as much time laying in bed propped up as I can. The good news is that Molly, the sadistic PT girl, really does seem to know her stuff and I am on the mend.

My plan is to take another month and basically do nothing. I have a few knives to make and along about my birthday, I will try to take to the field again. I'm pretty excited about it. One nice thing about being propped up 8 or 9 hours at a time is that you really have time alone to think things through.

I typically regarded the folks who called pain enlightening as pure, bat shit, crazy freaks. It turns out what I think they meant is that strong enough pain will reduce life to its most basic form; Draw a breath and exhale. What can we do so that we never feel this again? How has so much of our life allowed this to happen?

It's provided a ... change in venue for my view of things. Physical health is not something to take for granted until it needs to be fixed and I am resolved to do better. If there are people in the world who need a hand to hold and shoulder to use while working out issues that hurt, I can provide one. All of the things I have chased, all of the gear I knew I needed, none of it matters. Have what it takes and nothing more. Happiness is sure to follow. Friends are important and good ones are worth a lot of sacrifice to keep.

I know... lots of new age shit, right? I wonder how I will ever make it stick because life is specifically designed to make you feel differently than that. We'll see I guess. All I know for sure is Tyler Durden may not have been entirely wrong... more on that later. For now, be well and take care.

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