Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Base Gear

I have to admit I haven't been approaching dirt time the way I am now for very long. The cool part of what I am doing now though, is that for gear, I pretty much just adapt what I carry hunting and augment it a bit and I am set.

Here's my full day out rig. The medium ALICE pack is a fantastic platform to build on. I chose no frame and I like the floppy flexibility and the capacity. The flipside of that is that sometimes I may pack too much... ;)

Here's the kind of back-on view. Big up to Rick Marchand for showing me how that shovel fits behind that pocket. Fricking sweet.

Here's my standard gear all unpacked. Left to right, front to back it goes like this...
shovel thing, 3 nalgene bottles (widemounth), Gerber Saw, couple of Moras, emergency blanket / tarp thing, my small axe, (2nd row sort of... bag by the shovel) the black bag is my cord and rags, my tea kettle set (very cool), My walmart poncho, (Back left again) my camera case, handi wipes, my toggle and tarp rope up bag, the fubar bag, my ALICE pack, (back left) the little red bag is my fire set up, the gray bag has my knife gear in it, and last and on top is my tarp.

Here's a better look at the fubar bag. Medicine, Petzel light, compass, silver nitrate sponges, etc. If it's needed when it goes bad, it's in here.

So, the idea I had, that seems to work so far, about a tarp rigging kit gets attributed almost entirely to BushBum over on He ties up his tarps with sticks across the grommets which make sense. It distributes the load well and keeps things from ripping out so easily. I just got tired of looking for sticks over one trip last winter... so I went to home depot and cut my own... Add 10 8 foot lines with loops already in place and you have my kit. Seems to work well.

While I am all about learning the more primitive fire ways and natural tinder and all of that stuff... I am also all about being warm. This is my 'gotta start it' kit. Vaseline and cotton pads, steel wool, and a firesteel with a striker... Generally enough stuff to make it burn, assuming there is something that will.

This is my knife stuff bag. Typically, you'll find a bit of oil and some polishing compound in here too but today only my convex sharpening kit in the tin and my stone and straup for everyone else. I like it. (Excellent convex sharpening vids here and here ...)

Finally, we have my bag of other stuff... In here you'll find my extra paracord, rags, bandannas, etc. Even the occasionally hat. Mostly I just keep the odd soft stuff in there. Works out well.

So that's the general gist of the base gear I use. Depending on location and duration and weather I'll add or remove and clothing always varies depending on this as well. Typically for food, I am packing a couple of MRE's and some tea. Nothing like a real KISS to make it easy on your mind to relax. Thanks for reading.

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Unknown said...

Great kit, very well thought out. Those little husky bags make good gear organizers.

I'm enjoying your blog posts so far, looking forward to more!