Friday, April 2, 2010

Missing it badly these days

Life has been this sort of crazy busy that I am not a fan of. The last time I made it out was on March 20 and then only for a short day. The upside was that the youngster came along and that's always a good thing.

I cracked up a fire for making hot dogs. It was almost 70 degrees so nothing too big or involved this time.

I had an audience cooking up dog over the fire. Never a prettier woods buddy for anyone... ever. She loves the blue boots.

After a while, she headed back to the house and I was left on my own for a while. It seems odd that what I do most, out among the trees, is spend my time watching the wind and trying not to think. I find it to be... the best.

The good news for me is that next week I am on-call so I will be busy... but the week after that, I will be free. And I'll be headed out to the trees. Goodness knows what I will do but you can bet the rig will be packed and ready. I've made a few updates for summer so I'll probably do a post about it when I get all set. Thanks for looking. Take care.

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