Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Season for New Beginnings, I Guess

It's going to be a crazy summer here at Casa del Joel. The wife is getting ready to, any day now, deliver my son into the world and with that our workload as parents will climb by a power of two. Coupled with that, the job is really going well and I am making great strides there but it takes a ton of work. I am getting almost no bush time anymore. This bothers me... a lot. So I have set to thinking about this lack of dirt time for about a month now and have come up with an idea.

I think the notion has been stuck in my head for a while now that I need to be in the woods to work on these skills I want to acquire. Turns out this is not the case. Hunting as an indoctrination to woodsmanship seems to have set my mind up that way. I'll see if I can fix that as I go along...

Not being one to waste time when there are things to do, I have decided to strike out on a series of challenges for myself. I'll break them down over the remaining months of the year and see what I can get done. The areas I want to focus on this year are (in no special order):
  1. Friction Fire
  2. Natural tinder / firesteel fire
  3. Heartwood or "1 stick" fire
  4. Flint and Steel fire
  5. char cloth / char tinder making and use
  6. Tarp Shelters
  7. Deadfall Shelter
  8. Cordage of some sort
  9. plant foraging
  10. Kuksa Carving
For at least a couple of these I am going to have to make it back into the timber however, for a chunk of them I can work from my back porch or garage. I have a couple of days to think it out and pick one for June. I am leaning towards #2 as my first task. No matter though. It's time to start doing and with the lack of any real content on BCUSA these days, I seem to be on my own again for ideas. This may not be a bad thing and I have made some good friends there to help out if I get stuck. (Thanks Guys) Anyhow, take care if you want to join in, email me.


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