Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer has come and passed...

Sometimes I lull myself into this false sense of how things will be. For example, when my wife began working frantically to make things ready for my son to be born in early June, I said she was insane. We would be spending most all of our time at home while he was little little and we'd have all sorts of time to get things done. Man on Man was I off base.

I have, in almost 3 months, been in the bush one time. The day was great but abbreviated and even while I was cataloging tree leaves for future ID, I could only think about getting back home. My little ones are just demanding as hell but there's nowhere I would rather be.

I've begun thinking about fall since the whitetail hunting edition of F&S showed up. I have a new knife down on paper I need to try that should work well in the bush too. Beyond that, it's all baby, all the time. Fall should find this getting better and with the onset of squirrel season here in Ohio, I can see at least a few days going my way and getting out and around the trees. Let's say a little prayer to that effect while we're considering the subject. If fall gets away too... well... I may just be bothered... ;-)

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