Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Day out in August ...

Friday was a good day. I managed to keep everyone happy and...

I still managed to find my way into the bush for a while. This is / was a good thing.

Coffee made over an open fire in liteweight, camp grade gear,

and served up in a saintless cup with a wire handle, is just fundamentally better I think anyway.

I thought I might have a go at spoon carving (cedar is nice to work with... great smell)

but that ended like all of my other spoon attempts so far.

My favortie part of any day out is when I find myself, even in woods I regard as familiar, in a spot untrampted and new to me. Underbrush like untrodden snow.... Trees and scrubs everyewhere.

It's a small bit of paradise.

With any luck, I'll get back out there sooner rather than later. Take care.

Oh yeah... I made a little vid about it too... Check it out.

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