Saturday, October 2, 2010

Messin with Fatwood

One of my favorite October exercises is working in the garage, trying to get it ready for winter. You'd be amazed at the crap that collects... Anyhow, part of this for this year was finally getting to clean up my workbench. There was dust under the grinder from two months before my son was born (April since he came in June) and I had not had a chance to really get out there into it. When the food pantry shelving collapsed on Monday, I decided it was time work... so I did.

In the process of cleaning out, I found three or four chunks of wood I had cut from a pine at my folks place back in early, early spring because I thought they were fat wood and I wanted to try them out... I wanted to know if I knew how to spot it. So today when I found them and the bench was cleaned off I decided it was time to have a little fun.

I grabbed trusty my Mora and shaved and scraped a little and then, I grabbed my uber-firesteel and hit the pile with some sparks.
Imagine my thrill when it took off. It ain't a figure four or a lean to or even an excellent bit of scenery but I'll tell you, that little puff of smoke and the tiny flame that sent it were just the ticket. I remember the bush a little more now and it feels less far away this weekend. This is a good thing since we'll be spending most of Sunday with the work gang, doing our quarterly upgrade stuff tonight and tomorrow. Of course, it's that kind of work that let's my buy nice knives and packs so I can't bitch too loud. :)

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