Friday, January 21, 2011

Bushday #2 2011 - Food, fire, reflector fun... and a new axe work out.

When rules about my otherwise very demanding gig is that when they talk about vacation benefits, they don't scrimp. The same goes with holidays. MLK day this year found me out and about having a trip into the cedars to make some fire and try out a reflector. It worked stellarly and the noodle raman was excellent as always.

I had a great time until the sleet started to fly so I packed and ran. The drive home is about 90 miles and in the slickery Ohio winter it can take forever... Anyhow, enjoy and thanks for looking.



Mike Oscar Hotel said...

Thanks for posting this video. I know it can be a pain to film and actually be able to take time to enjoy yourself. Thanks for doing that!

Looks like a good day and some good gear. Thanks again!

Mike Oscar Hotel

Joel Pearon said...

Thanks for watching, Mike. You are welcome. It can be a pain but it's fun in its own right. I enjoy trying my hand at making vids. It's fun too if you are getting enough time in the trees. :) Thanks again sir.